EnviZion: A great universe migration movement

EnviZion is the newest metaverse project on Zilliqa’s corporate chain.In fact, they are much more ambitious than your average metasverse project.The core team members come from the Zilliqa system: Galin is the development director for Zilliqa’s Developer ecosystem in China.Babbage is the technical lead from Ignite Dao, which is to Zilliqa what Dao Maker is to ETH. Zilliqa’s global Marketing partner is one of the consultants on the project. Judging from the team’s background, the team is very close to Zilliqa and familiar with Scilla’s language

Unlike the usual Gamefi, EnviZion is Loot – like, bottom-up, user-created universe.This project may represent Zilliqa’s larger strategy in the meta-universe.

EnviZion: A great universe migration movement


The grandest worldview to date:

EnviZion differs from Loot mode in several ways

1 it does not limit its world view to the role of a warrior, with greater openness.Allow participants to set their own cosmic themes and connotations.

It uses two management tools, cosmos Script and IP DAO, to make people’s collaboration have higher precision

3 provides different universe valuation systems that allow the sale of the entire universe, with land allocation.

4 And most importantly, EnviZion offers a universe fund for the Creation Of different universes. This is called THE POC (Proof Of Creation). It takes the POW foundation a step further and makes contracts and incentives available for co-creation, not just pure numerical calculation.

In fact, according to the AMA communication, the EnviZion project had the idea of an expandable universe before Loot.Their earliest inspiration was SCP Foundation,  https://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/

before the emergence of the meta-universe concept in this round, SCP Foundation had completed a very mature prototype of the meta-universe, which was a simulated spy organization with the same organizational structure and division of labor as the real organization. Their mission is to build an archive of monsters from all over the world, each of which has basic design constraints and can’t go far beyond what physics can explain, because it seems to have so many elements of reality that many believe it is a real organization, similar to Area 51 in the United States.


Creative design: Delegating expected dividends

Everyone can create their own universe at different levels of maturity and can unlock different powers, including NFT casting, land allocation, and universe sales.EnviZion may upend the conventional design model of the metasverse.

EnviZion: A great universe migration movement

1 person can cast NFT, which, much like Loot, is essentially a decentralization of creative authority

2 The creator of the universe can obtain the distribution of land, which is the decentralization of higher resource power

3 The whole universe can be re-sold, which is a very special value, and its corresponding realistic scene is very similar to real estate. No matter it is a mature CBD or a vacant lot, it will gain its own appreciation with the development of surrounding land.The project side provides an anticipatory tool for each creator.In this expectation, include the development dynamics of the universe and the prospect of land appreciation


Key POC and IP DAOs


POC is an evolution of POW, it is a creative quantity proof that to get cosmic funds, mining needs to be done, and mining needs to make constructive contributions.Its bonus payment is done by the IP DAO.In fact, I personally believe that IP DAO itself has higher value, because it represents the real use of contract to coordinate the cooperation between people.In POW mode, the collaboration between the miners and the miners is very easy to do, because it only involves mathematics and computation, objective factors is almost 100%, while people with a great deal of subjectivity, the design of this kind of DAO, obviously has more scalable value, if the creator of the incentive contract can be finished, so block chain real connection with all industries, It actually expands the possibilities.


EnviZion: A great universe migration movement

A city incentive model focusing on population

People talk a lot about the meta-universe, but very few people talk about models of the population of the universe, something EnviZion has noticed and their goal is to inspire more people in the universe


EnviZion: A great universe migration movement

Here is a curve of human migration from the real world to the virtual world. There are two migrations, and the second is the peak of migration


EnviZion: A great universe migration movement

During the formation of the two migration periods, the mechanism of POC cleverly solved the problem of the balance of the development of the universe. There is a very clever design about how the first rich drive the second rich.When a block without development, it’s the universe funds will continue to extend, but will be sealed in the universe, this is similar to in a city, a piece of land without development, but it can still get the same income and developed land, but the income in the form of savings into, when the land for development, The money could speed up the development of the city.This allows different cities to maintain a relatively level playing field.


Panda NFT, the second value-added route

It is interesting to note that in this ecological, create the permissions of the universe is limited, according to the official website of white paper, https://docs.envizion.world/#what-is-evz, created the universe need to use the panda NFT, the panda has the characteristics of multiple genes and different scarcity, It will release only 850 in its first year.From the information that has been released, this NFT is small in number, but powerful. The creator of the new Universe will need to pledge the panda to obtain the universe fund, which gives the panda itself room to add value, which is much easier to calculate than many ordinary JPG NFT.

EnviZion: A great universe migration movement

Summary of Project Advantages

The obvious advantages of this project are as follows:

1 It provides a convenient way to create the universe, based on the background strengths of project members, who will first integrate the creative capabilities of Zilliqa200 + project communities in the program.Build a massive copy of the Zilliqa meta-universe.

2 Based on their familiarity with the principles and techniques of the Dao, they have better experience and greater growth prospects of the open platform in a model that requires a large number of coordinators

3 from the design Of the economic model, 45% will be used for POC (Proof Of Creation), which accounts for a very high proportion. This is a very obvious strategic Creation incentive, and this incentive has clear requirements for quality and prosperity. Its purpose is to continuously increase the population and influence Of the whole project.

ZILO is a public sale based on Zilswap. Zilswap is the largest swap in Zilliqa ecology. Before this, ZILO has only carried out three fundraising events, and the opportunity is very rare. Here are a few times before the screenshots and link https://www.zilswap.io/zilo/past


EnviZion: A great universe migration movement

EnviZion: A great universe migration movement

EnviZion: A great universe migration movement

Very low chip release amount

As a large proportion of incentives are devoted to creative mining, very little is reserved for the share of market-oriented investment.This seems to be a rare point: the more a project releases for pure investors, the greater the selling pressure in the market, and correspondingly, the more incentives for genuine contributors, the more the project will grow.In the short term, the project side will have to make sacrifices.Given the design choices for this economic model, it is likely that the team also received more capital from Zilliqa.


EnviZion: A great universe migration movement

In general, everyone is talking about the metasemes these days, and there are many definitions of the metasemes, but EnviZion’s boundaries are clearly broader, it is not defined within the framework of one game, but it has the potential to produce countless games.Of course, games are just one possibility in terms of the strategic intent that emerges from the project.


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